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Breathing New Life into the Community

Since graduating from chiropractic college in 2007, Dr. Kyle Denholm has been passionate about breathing new life into Petoskey and Traverse City, Harbor Springs and Charlevoix County. The inspiration for the practice’s name came from seeing a small church that Dr. Kyle and his wife saw during a drive. The church is called Breath of Life Ministries, and it resonated for Dr. Kyle and his wife, who are both Christians.

“When our son was born, he wasn’t breathing well and after I had adjusted him he started breathing better. Our midwife said if I hadn’t been there he may have died.”  – Dr. Kyle Denholm

“The Bible talks about the breath of life and I also do breathing pattern analysis so the name just kind of fit with our belief system and our faith.” Dr. Kyle shows people the immediate effects of an adjustment, and they’ll marvel at how much better they can breathe!


Our Mission:

We create an environment in which people experience fun, love, peace, healing, support, and confidence to build a healthy foundation for generations to come.

Our Vision:

To inspire and partner with the community of Petoskey to become well-informed decision-makers who trust their innate intelligence which in turn will rebuild their health.

Our Purpose:

Breath of Life Chiropractic exists to help save the lives of peole who are stressed, sick, and dying from a culture that encourages and enables people to be stressed, sick and dying


More than Back and Neck Pain Relief

Although chiropractic originated in 1895, many people think it’s about just back and neck pain. Chiropractic, however, has always been about helping people live to their fullest potential — without drugs or surgery though there is a time and place for those. “As chiropractors, we should be at the forefront of the healing arts and health care,” says Dr. Kyle.

As a healing art, chiropractic can help an athlete knock minutes off their time in a triathlon. Or a kid who was told he might have to have surgery on his ankle and then gets it adjusted once, and he’s back out on the field. Chiropractic can help that baby who comes in for the first time and mom and dad don’t know what to do because the baby has colic. Then after one adjustment, that baby sleeps for the first time.

Live Your Life to the Fullest

Our hope is for patients to have the ability, after being in this practice, to make better health care decisions and to really live their life to their fullest potential. From helping athletes who want to up their game to senior citizens who are hurting from arthritis, we want everyone to live up to that potential without having to use drugs or surgery.

We’ve seen kids with ADHD who have been able to get off their Ritalin and perform much better at school. Dr. Kyle’s son was helped by chiropractic.

Chiropractic is more than relief for back and neck pain! Give our office a call and discover how you can live a fuller, healthier life!

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