Read what our patients are saying about us.

I am a relative newbie. I have been very impressed. I especially like that Dr Kyle has the heart of a teacher. He doesn’t just do an adjustment and send you on your way, he explains things. He helps you understand how the body functions in relation to the nervous system and why spinal health is so important. He also emphasized that pain relief and increased function are only the beginning. The goal is over all health and wellness. He cares about the entire person. I am 62 and feel my best years are ahead and not behind.

-Nella H.

I went for back pain, but I’m staying for my overall wellness! Dr Kyle does a great job of explaining why your body exhibits symptoms, how to help it heal naturally, and how all aspects of your life can affect it. His adjustments have made a great difference; thanks to his care and education, I’m now much more aware of my own body and what it needs to feel its best. Also, all staff members–office support, trainers, and massage therapists–are friendly, professional, and welcoming. I’ve only been receiving care for 2 months, but I definitely feel like part of the Breath of Life family. Thanks guys!

-Mallory V.

Dr. Kyle and his team are wonderful. I’ve done chiropractic off and on for 30 years, and have learned more here than the whole 30 years combined. He has taken time to educate, support, motivate and inspire me. He is kind with an easy going demeanor and genuinely wants to help his patients heal, completely.
I enrolled in the 8 Weeks to Wellness program and experienced what I consider to be a significant healing. I had severe lower backbpain at the time, and had been suffering from vertigo for the past 10 or more years. It would flare when I laid on my back or leaned down to look underneath something. On a scale of 1 to 10 the vertigo was 7-8. After 5 weeks of the 8 Weeks to Wellness program, which by the way includes chiropractic care, nutrition counseling, personal fitness training (on site), and therapeutic massage (on site)…the vertigo is gone, 100%! I am extremely surprised and grateful for everything he and his team have done!
Dr. Kyle helped me see how a few adjustments to relieve a symptom is only a band-aid solution, which is what I had done for 30 years. Breath of Life utilizes a holistic approach to heal the whole body. He taught me that 90% of nerves do not transmit pain, but do transmit information to and from all the body’s cells. Vertebrae that are out of position (even just a smidgen), are pinching nerves and cutting off vital information (even though there is no pain), causing health problems, hence my vertigo.
True health means keeping the entire spine in proper position, the muscles relaxed and released, eating good food and exercising. When I attended the Monday night 8 Weeks to Wellness workshop, I knew it was the right fit. I’m 56 and realized that if I didn’t take steps to improve my health, I likely never would. Oh by the way, the back pain was also relieved shortly after beginning the program. I’m getting stronger, feeling better and highly recommend Breath of Life, they truly are the best!

-David Z

An absolute miracle of a place. Warm, friendly, and personal service. I don’t just feel like another file in the cabinet. They really care and I have seen such an improvement in my health!

-Erin S.

I have been going to Dr. Kyle for 5 or so weeks now. I love his office staff they are genuine and caring people. From my first visit they have always been kind. I have multiple issues, relates to rheumatoid arthritis, mirgranes, carpal tunnel, bowel issues, sleep issues the list goes on. I can honestly say that Dr. Kyle has been amazing to me! Since I’ve been going I’ve noticed my joint stiffness (a lot in my hands neck and feet have gone down a bit) I do not have many migraines after my adjustments. Normally I would have a migraine 5 out of 7 days a week. I don’t get them as often now. Also he has helped tremendously with my bowel issues. (I had to take multiple laxatives to make me go to the bathroom) I go to the bathroom on my own with no laxatives now. Every issue I have he has helped. My pain is not getting worse, it’s getting better in every aspect. I believe dr.kyle will give me the quality of life I’ve been wanting, for years. If I recommend a chiropractor hands down GO TO DR. KYLE. he truly cares for each and every one of his patients.

-Taylor D.

Kyle and his team are helpful and informative. Even bigger than the great customer service are the outstanding results. My husband was scheduled for carpal tunnel surgery when we decided to try the Breath of Life Wellness Visit. After just one adjustment, my husband noticed a huge difference in his wrists. With the continued visits and adjustments, we have decided to cancel the surgery as he no longer has the pain and numbing/tingling symptoms.

-Anora O.